FAQ’s Patients With Medicare

SLO Wellness Center is considered “not on assignment” with Medicare. This means that Medicare patients pay for treatment upfront and Medicare sends a percentage back to the patient for reimbursement.

Q: What chiropractic services does Medicare cover and not cover?*

Non-Covered Services

  • Examinations, Doctor Counseling, etc

  • Exercises, Therapies, etc.

  • Orthopedic Supplies, Supplements, etc.

  • Extremity Adjustment

Covered Services

  • Spinal Adjustment

  *For complete information regarding covered and non-covered Medicare services please call the Medicare phone number listed on you card.

Q: How much does a spinal adjustment cost and how much will Medicare reimburse me for my covered treatment?

A: For a spinal adjustment during the 2013 calendar year, Medicare designates that we charge $40.26. Medicare usually reimburses about $28.00 of that back to you.*

*Please note that Medicare can change coverage and reimbursement amounts at any time.

Q: I have a secondary insurance to Medicare, how does that work?

A: If you have a secondary insurance to Medicare, Medicare will processes your claim and then automatically send the information to your secondary insurance for billing. Any unpaid service is the patient’s responsibility to pay.

Q: How much will my secondary plan pay?

A: This depends on your specific secondary plan as there is wide variation between plans and carriers.  We encourage you to contact your secondary insurance to learn more about your plan specifics.