Chiropractic Patients Share Their Success Stories

At the SLO Wellness Center, we strive to meet and then exceed your expectations.  How do we do this?  We start with listening.  We listen to your story.  We ask questions so we can better understand you as an individual. Ultimately, we work with you, to create a treatment plan that is tailored to your specific needs and goals. The result?  Patients leave our office pain-free, functioning better and doing great things.  We want to share with you, some of our patient’s success stories.  We hope these stories motivate and inspire you to come to the SLO Wellness Center and experience what is possible.

"Dr. Rex put me back together 100% after a fight....this is a great place."

Scott Lighty
Professional MMA Fighter

SLO Wellness patients share why they love chiropractic

Why Chiropractic?
SLO Wellness Patients

"I don't just work with a chiropractor when i'm in pain. I find when I work with a chiropractor I am seldom in pain."

Jeff Buckingham
Blue Rooster Telecom- Owner

"I think this is a really great way to stay pain free and maintain flexibility. I stay balanced in my training."

Sharon Day
Pro Heptathlete, Track & Field

Hear what patients of SLO Wellness Center experience under chiropractic care

Patients of Slo Wellness

Pregnant patients share the benefits of receiving care at Slo Wellness Center

Pregnant SLO Wellness Patients

"Within 2-3 treatments my chronic neck pain was gone. With routine maintenance, I continue to maintain great health and stay as healthy as I can be."

Aaron Kromhout, M.D.
Creating Harmony Women's Health Care

"I tell people, they will change your life, they have changed mine."

Mariah Schwartz
Mom of 2

Athletes share how chiropractic helps them in their training and performance

Slo Wellness Center Patients- Athletes

"I continue to make chiropractic a part of my life and training regimen to help me perform better."

Chris Randolph
Pro Decathlete- Track & Field

"Knowledgeable doctors. The best in San Luis Obispo and the Central Coast"

Justin M
Cal Poly tennis coach

"I am a runner and my body often just feels off and coming to get adjusted helps my body stay on track. It just feels good"

Marial F
Mother & Runner

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