State of the Art Chiropractic Center

The SLO Wellness Center provides an integrative approach to health promotion, disease prevention and injury management using state of the art techniques in chiropractic, massage therapy, nutrition and chiropractic rehabilitation

Chiropractic Services

Chiropractic Adjustments
Webster Pregnancy Protocol
Graston Soft Tissue Technique
Myofascial Release

Functional Movement Therapies
Cold Laser Therapy
Electrical Stimulation


Additional Services

Massage Therapy
Neuromuscular Massage

Foundation Training
Nutritional Consults
Purification Programs
Detoxification Foot Baths


...and now an Infrared Sauna!!


We invite you to experience how chiropractic can help people of all ages reach their health potential. Click here to take a tour.

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1428 Phillips Ln #300
San Luis Obispo
CA 93401


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2231 Bay View Heights Dr
Los Osos
CA 93402


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