FAQ’s Patients With No Insurance

Q: Do SLO Wellness Doctors accept patients who do not have insurance?

A: Our doctors accept and welcome ALL patients to our office, regardless of insurance coverage. We do expect payment at time of service for care unless an agreed payment plan is established with the billing department.

Q: Do SLO Wellness Doctors offer any discounted cash rates to patients who do not have insurance?

A: Yes! Because we truly value you as a patient, we offer discounted cash rates for you to utilize in order to obtain maximum health. These plans are tailored by you and your doctor based on your health goals.

Q: Because I don’t have insurance, are there any other alternative payment options at SLO Wellness Center?

A: Yes! We offer two types of alternative payment options:

  • Patients who have the ability to pay for visits in advance will receive pre-payment discounts.

  • Patients that are experiencing true financial hardship will be able to meet with our Billing Department to help find the best course of care for you. Once an agreed upon payment plan is established, it will be the patients responsibility to keep the agreement in good standing. All payment plans are monitored by the billing staff.