Eat Well

We know that EATing WELL matters.   We encourage healthy eating habits and practice of our EAT WELL principles. In addition to following a good lifestyle, we offer a variety of in-house nutritional and herbal therapies to help support normal physiologic processes and overall health including:

  • Cleanse and Purification Programs

  • Adrenal and hormonal support

  • Healthy fatty acid intake

  • Healthy regulation of blood sugar

  • Support of digestion and breakdown of food

  • Support of mood and mental clarity

  • Healthy brain and neurological support

  • Support for pregnant woman and infants


When it comes to your health, we promote  simple EAT WELL principles:

  • start each day with a nutritious breakfast

  • eat as many organic fruits/vegetables as possible

  • drink only water

  • eat only organic meats & dairy

  • supplement healthy fatty acids (omega-3’s)



  • artificial flavors and sweeteners

  • trans fats

  • genetically modified foods

  • microwaves


To discuss our detailed EAT WELL strategy and develop an optimal plan for you, please contact us at 805.543.8688 or request an appointment today.

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