Aram Casparian, D.C.

Aram Casparian, Chiropractor

Meet Aram Casparian, Chiropractor

Dr. Aram Casparian received his Doctorate of Chiropractic from Life Chiropractic College West. He describes himself as a “lifetime student” and has done post-graduate work in Sacro-Occipital Technique, neurology, and nutrition.

After earning his Bachelor in Food Science at Cal Poly, Dr. Aram dreamed about returning to San Luis Obispo to serve the community he fell in love with during his undergraduate days. Dedicated to continually expanding his knowledge and skills, and with a passion to serve and promote wellness, Dr. Aram’s goal is to help patients achieve and keep optimal health. 

Dr. Aram received his first chiropractic adjustment at 15 years old for severe neck pain, allergies, and problems focusing that resulted from a car accident. After a course of chiropractic care, all of the symptoms that came on after the accident had vanished.

In his clinical practice, Dr. Aram has helped many people with sciatica, migraine headaches, allergies, vertigo, and joint paint. He has a particular interest in helping athletes reach their potential, as well as helping children and seniors get the most from their bodies. Always eager to share his knowledge, Dr. Aram enjoys inspiring others to embrace wellness and self-reliance through regular speaking engagements.