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Our vision is to be THE resource for chiropractic and contemporary care in San Luis Obispo and on the Central Coast. To ensure that every patient consistently receives high quality, results oriented care, we, along with our staff rely on our mission statement and core values to help guide us in everything we do. We'd like to share our mission and our values with you.


One Mission, Three Principles



To build upon the collective skills, resources of doctors and staff and to provide high quality care that enhances human performance and longevity through the chiropractic adjustment, nutritional counseling, exercise and stress management


Provide the resources necessary to educate and empower patients and change their perceptions of what it is to be healthy so that they may thrive and make good health care choices


To build relationships so that our practices can grow and we can share our vision of what it means to be healthy on a local, communal and global level.


Our Core Values

  • Have respect for ourselves, our families, our staff, our patients and the community

  • Be honest with patients on what we can and cannot do for them

  • Maintain our integrity with all of our choices and recommendations

  • Continually educate ourselves so we can provide current, relevant information to our patients and community

  • Be aware of varying communication styles to ensure effective communication

  • Skilled adjusting

  • Maintain consistency in our high quality, comprehensive care and hours of operation

  • Provide a safe, welcoming environment for patients

  • Be present, with patients at all times.

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