For November 2013, SLO Wellness Center and San Luis Sports Therapy are partnering together on the global initiative #MOVEmber. Our educational videos will help you learn more about why movement is important to your health and how easy it can be to make simple changes in your lifestyle to add more movement. Check out our promo video below and then follow the links to the rest of our educational videos for the month of #MOVEmber

Dr. Rex Stevens talks the benefits of standing desks and why scientist have called, "sitting the new smoking".

Dr. Sandy Sachs describes what Brain Derived Neurotophic Factor is, how it relates to movement, and why it is important to our health and cognition.

Dr. Rex Stevens talks the importance of maintaining balance in your posture and personal life.

Dr. Sandy Sachs describes the take away items from the book "Move a Little Lose a Lot" by author Dr. James Levine. Dr. Sachs also gives simple things to do in your daily life to reverse what Dr. Levine calls the American "sitting disease".

Dr. Aram Casparian describes the science of why motion is critical for the health and longevity of the spine.

Dr. Sandy Sachs gives us a breakdown of the 4 essential elements our bodies need to survive, and the 9 important components to make our lives thrive.

Dr. Rex Stevens and Dr. Colleen Russell, physical therapist at San Luis Sports Therapy, teach you 4 simple exercises to do on a daily basis in order to promote healthy movement in your spine.

Dr. Rex Stevens and Dr. Colleen Russell show you three essential exercises that are fundamental to strengthening the core and preventing injuries; the front plank, side plank, and single leg raise. 

Dr. Rex Stevens and Dr. Colleen Russell show how asymmetry in your joints can effect even the most basic exercises.

Why does Dr. Rex Stevens  have a bag over his head? To make a point: oxygen, like movement is essential to life, without it we can't survive.

Dr. Molly Stevens shows you three simple movements during pregnancy that strengthen the important pelvic floor muscles used during birth; the pelvic rock, pigeon pose, and partner squat.




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